About Alz-ID

Alz-ID™ is a blood test that identifies people with a high risk of Alzheimer’s disease among the general population. The test measures the levels of specific lipids, called plasmalogens, in your blood. If your plasmalogen levels are too low (a positive Alz-ID test), your risk of Alzheimer’s disease is increased.

A low plasmalogen level doesn’t mean that you have Alzheimer’s disease – just that your risk of Alzheimer’s disease is increased. A person with a low plasmalogen level could have up to a 50 times higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease than a person with healthy levels.

If you have low plasmalogen levels, you should speak to your family physician about further cognitive testing and lifestyle changes that may help reduce your risk.

This test has been developed by Phenomenome Discoveries Inc.

The Alz-ID™ test is intended for use in risk assessment and monitoring; it is not a standalone diagnostic test, and is not a screening test for Alzheimer’s disease.

This test is not covered by provincial health insurance plans, but it may be covered by your extended private health insurance plan. The current fee for this test is $95. Payment may be made by Visa, MasterCard, cash or debit card before the sample collection.